• You have your niche.
    We have ours.
    Help me choose a plan.
  • You have your niche.
    We have ours.
    Help me choose a plan.
  • You have your niche.
    We have ours.
    Help me choose a plan.
  • You have your niche.
    We have ours.
    Help me choose a plan.
  • You have your niche.
    We have ours.
    Help me choose a plan.
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Enrollment USA, LLC will match you with plans from top Utah insurers.

Get quotes on individual and family health insurance and apply for coverage.

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With access to all of the top insurance carriers and plans in Utah, Enrollment USA recommends specific plans based on your doctor preference, typical prescription use and preferred costs (premium, deductible and coinsurance).

Our quoting technology sorts through hundreds of plans from each Utah carrier to help you select the right plan. Learn more about specific plans, or get started with your plan search by clicking below.
Good news! You may qualify for special enrollment.
If you’ve recently experienced a new life event—like starting a new job or a having a baby—you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. If you think you may qualify, call and talk to one of our agents.
Special Enrollment Period qualifying events:
Starting a new job
Getting married or divorced
Turning 26 years old
Having a baby
Adopting a child
Moving to a new ZIP Code
Losing other health coverage
Gaining U.S. Citizenship
This list only shows a few life changing events that will open a Special Enrollment Period. Call and talk to one of our agents, to see if you qualify.
We’ll help you pick the right plan in minutes.
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Health insurance can be complicated. We make it easy to choose the right plan - and our service is free to you because the fees are paid by the insurance companies we partner with.
Enrollment USA was founded with one goal in mind—to help those who don’t receive a health plan through an employer make the right health insurance decision. You can feel confident that we’ll help you secure:
  • The Right Coverage
  • The Right Prescriptions
  • The Right Carrier
  • The Right Price





Are you eligible for financial support?

You may qualify for a government subsidy as outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Eligibility is based on family size and income. Enrollment USA can help you determine if you are eligible for a subsidy.
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That’s the way I enroll.
Make the right health insurance decision
Do you prefer to enroll online by answering a few simple questions that guide you to recommended plans?
Or do you prefer to call a knowledgeable agent who can verbally walk you through your options? You can also chat with an agent online (note: we will not ask you to provide any personal information through chat). No matter your preference, we make it easy to shop for a health insurance plan.
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